Many people do not remember the Voltron Pokemon because it came out in 1988.

Voltron appeared in only one epsisode where he came to help Pikachu fight one of the biggest battles ever held in Pokemon. It was in the Yamanto arena.

Pokemon Chart from 1988

Voltron had to battle really hard to beat Arbok, Ekans, Gyarados and Metagross in a mega showdown.

The fight was so big that Voltrons lion arms were at one stage ripped from its Black body but luckily they re-joined just in time to push away Metagross who was going in for the victory kill.

Then Pikachu helped Voltron by finding his sword, which he left in his cave. Pikachu threw the sword to Voltron and with one mighty strike, Voltron detroyed all his opponents.

Voltron then gave Pikachu the V symbol with his fingers. They both yelled out VOLTRON!
then Voltron said... My work here is done! raised his right fist, then flew up into outerspace.

Voltron has never been in another Pokemon episode. This episode was back when TV was black and white, that is why most people do not know that Voltron is a Pokemon.

Voltron now lives in a cave, and promised to come back and help Pikachu if he is ever in desperate need.


Voltron Pokemon CardVoltron Pokemon CardVoltron Pokemon CardVoltron Pokemon Card


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